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How Ayurveda Solves Hair Problems

How Ayurveda Solves Hair Problems


Sometimes, your crowning glory can be a hindrance, especially when it begins to thin. Sleepless nights are often caused by finding wispy strands or tangled hair in brushes. Experts say the relentless hair loss is indeed distressing for us and can affect our wellbeing severely. It is common for self-confidence to drop out when one loses one hair. Skin and hair expert Amit Sarda, director of SoulFlower, a natural Ayurvedic hair and skincare brand, blames hectic
lifestyles, pollution, and adulterated hair care products.

While hair loss prevention products are plentiful on the market, not all promise foolproof protection against hair loss; according to experts, one must be wary of harmful chemicals present in such products that can damage our hair further. Sarda emphasizes the importance of getting rid of chemically leached hair products

Can you recommend a non-chemical-laden alternative to chemical anti-hair fall products? Hair loss can certainly be treated with Ayurveda in a natural way. The oldest medical system in the world prescribes a lifestyle and health routine to control hair loss in addition to healing remedies. Ayurveda aims not only to treat ailments but also to prevent them.

Various ways

Ayurveda basic principles are essential to understand before discussing remedies. All the elements of the universe – air, fire, water, earth, and ether – are made up of the three doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, according to Ayurveda. According to Ayurvedic doctors, the body can be balanced by balancing these factors. Our body type, hair color, and the kind of illnesses we can afflict ourselves with apparently depend on doshas. Generally, a dominant dosha will dominate our lives.

To put it simply, fire is linked to Pitta, while water is connecting to Kapha. It is believed that Vata’s role lies within the nervous system. In contrast, Kapha regulates digestion and metabolism while Pitta strengthens immunity. Any one of these doshas, regardless of their cause, can lead to various kinds of ailments. Hair loss is associated with an exacerbation of pitta dosha, experts say. Finding out about our dosha can be determined by taking our pulse. When pitta dosha is present, the vibration can be unpredictable.

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Here are some of the easy discussed ways-

Sarda says that amla is a natural immunity booster and helps to maintain healthy hair. There are many essential fatty acids in it that boost hair follicle strength, making your hair lustrous. Iron and antioxidants present in Vitamin C help promote hair growth, providing relief to dry, itchy scalps.

Bhringraj has been in use for centuries and has become an essential part of hair care regimens today. In beauty salons, you’ll easily find beauty advisors advising you to massage your scalp with bhringraj oil regularly as it can stimulate faster hair growth. A moist climate is ideal for growing Bhringraj.

Do you recall when our grandmothers prescribed shikakai to treat hair? Due to its great hair- cleansing properties, it is often used in place of conventional shampoo. A variety of antioxidants and vitamins, such as A, C, K, D, are rich in shikakai, which can keep hair healthy.

Coconut milk
Coconuts contain medium-chain fatty acids such as lauric and capric acid, which offer rich antimicrobial and antifungal properties that act as blocks against the growth of new hair. In addition to coconut, coconut milk is also good for hair growth.

Aloe Vera
Also useful for preventing hair loss is aloe vera. There are also a lot of benefits from using Aloe Vera on your scalp. Several types of proteolytic enzymes have been observed to rejuvenate cells and enhance follicle health in aloe vera. Aside from that, aloe vera can relieve scalp irritation with its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it works against dandruff due to its antifungal

Natural ingredients rich in antifungal properties can reduce hair loss if used systematically. According to Sarda, jojoba oil is rich in Vitamin E, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and saturated fat that combats free radicals that adversely affect hair. The benefits of Jojoba hair oils have been proven by ancient folk medicine throughout the world. One of them is its ability to unclog hair follicles.

Since juniper oil has astringent properties, it can be used naturally to treat hair loss. It can strengthen roots and prevent acne on the scalp, according to Sarda. Cleansing the scalp prevents impurities from building up in the hair follicles. Essential oils have antiseptic properties that prevent acne-causing bacteria from developing on the scalp.

Castor Oil
Castor oil benefits are often overlooked when it comes to hair care. A rich source of proteins, minerals, and vitamin E, castor oil stimulates hair growth. Sarda says it contains ricinoleic acid and Omega 6 essential fatty acids, which promote hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp.  Split ends are also addressed by castor oil in such a way that it penetrates deep into the scalp and smooths rough hair cuticles.

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