Modern lifestyles have caused an increase in stress disorders. Anything that affects mind will affect the body and intern leads to stress. Stress can create symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, eating disorders, depression, headache, increased anger, lack of concentration etc.Stress if not addressed can lead to serious illness.

Ayurveda looks at external influences of stress and how they affect a particular body. According to Ayurveda stress is seen as vata and pita imbalance. Spicy, salty and bitter foods increases the heat in body and intern leads to stress. Sweet and sour foods helps to pacify stress and restore balance. Drinking cumin tea ginger and lemon tea etc are good to combat stress. Medicinal herbs like Brahmi, Jatamasi,Ashwagandha,Vacha etc are also helpful to manage stress.

Ayurveda therapies to calm down the mind includes-

Shirodhara-Head massage and pouring herbal oil on forehead

Shirovasthi-Luke warm herbal oil held in a cup fitted on the head.

Talam-Herbal powder mix with medicinal oil is applied on top of head.

Thalapothichil-Application of herbal paste and covering it.

Swedanam-Loosening of toxins through herbal steam therapy

Abhyangam-Body rejuvenation through warm oil

Pizhichil-Oil pouring massage

These therapies help to release tension from muscles and joints, bring balance in hormonal secretion and cools nervous system.

Stress management helps to relieve mental stress, insomnia, lack of concentration, fatigue, headache etc.

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