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The Benefits of Ayurvedic Head Massage And More About It

Benefits of Ayurvedic Head Massage


What Is Ayurvedic Head Massage?

Your head is the extensively important part of your body that has significant power points that correlate to the mind and brain. Ayurvedic head massaging methods or murdha animate your three higher ‘chakras’ – body, mind, and soul while bringing equilibrium to your body’s physical forces, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which regulate numerous elements of your fitness. Ayurveda works best as an eating supplement and providing nourishment to your body with its oils too. Counting it from ancient times, Ayurvedic head massage is an old medication or therapy that has been practiced all over India for more than 5000 years.

This pertains to a diversity of stress or pressure-related techniques including circular massage pats that emphasizes your head, shoulders, and neck areas. These deep massage techniques, when used in convergence with fragrance oils and Ayurvedic herbal formulations, helps in improving the condition of your hair and your scalp. It also boosts the natural healing potentials of your body. One of the considerably significant varieties of massage used through ages all over India is the use of Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage.

This massage also advantages the entire body from a biological, mental, and energy perspective. Looking from the traditional view this type of massage, also known as “Siro abhyanga”, begins with the application of applying oil to the head area “Shirodhara or shirahsheka” according to your dosha or the hair/skin type you prefer to have. These Effective massage techniques throughout your scalp are used, grabbing the oil through the strands of the hair, coming after with the massage of your face, neck, and shoulders.

“Abhyanga is also known as the glowing massage. And that glow appears from the inside out,” Ayurveda also adopts the belief that everyone is composed of two or more elements of the universe, that is -space, fire, water, and earth. It is said that these elements are mixed within our system, creating an important life force energy, which results in three ‘doshas’. These doshas are named: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha; all three regulating various factors of your health.

The solution to how these doshas can be appropriately equalized, running to live a crucial and healthy life, can be affected in multiple unique ways, comprising diet, sleep, exercise, and just through massage.

Benefits It Provide

When this massage technique was launched and used in England, these methods preferably became more relaxed and calming to the scalp and face. Nevertheless, the use of several benefits continues the same. Then how does this massage help? Accelerates parts of the Central Nervous System


This massage helps in giving relief to Headaches, Migraines, and Neck or Back Pain. Stimulates the growth of your Hair and Strength them. Helps in draining the lymphatic system and in clearing sinuses. Increase the blood circulation level and helps allow more oxygen to the brain, draining away all the accumulated toxins inside your body. Diminishes Muscles Stiffness and their Tenderness.


Get relief from the signs of depression and feelings of anxiety. Enables to disperse mental exhaustion, tension, sadness emerging in incredible alertness of the mind and better concentration and positive thinking. Reduces the condition of restlessness, sleepiness, and insomnia.


Equalizing and Renewal of power, chakras, and marmas inside the body.

Assists to stabilize your dosha.

While practicing Samatva Yoga, Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage is given for these numerous health purposes. As Ayurveda and yoga move hand in hand, Samatva yoga concentrates more on your healthiness. This massage is a welcomed expansion to the Body Works treatments that it gave. Two distinct practitioners, both with extraordinary treatments will be glad to help in your Indian Head Massage knowledge and experience.

Taking a short look at the other extra benefits these Ayurvedic Head Massages add are :
1 Get your body away from anxiety and depression.
2. Provide control on your tension level and emotions.
3. It provides help by the release of endorphins (the hormones that bring you to feel happy).
4. Increased your hair growth from the roots.
5. Settles sleep privation and promotes sound sleep
6. Improves remembrance, attention, and awareness.
7. Bolsters your feelings and brings you transparency.
8. Enhances the nervous and circulatory systems of the body.
9. Bring harmony to your hormone levels by aiding your brain functionalities.


From ancient times Ayurveda following the definition of a combined remedy of natural herbs is
used to treat various kinds of disorders, keeping your body and mind healthier and better, free
from all diseases.

This massage also helps in retaining body weight, blood pressure, digestion, body development,
active cholesterol, and several other elements of your well-being. Use of the best Ayurveda
massaging oils will deliver your body all the essential nutrients it wants, providing a glowing and
disease-free body. This will keep your body immune as well.

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