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Best Dermatologist For Hair Loss in Dubai

Best Dermatologist For Hair Loss in Dubai

With the fast-moving world and growing science, people are also destined to keep up the pace. Lifestyle has undergone a lot of change. People run to earn and make a living and no one has time to care about their health. The automated life has resulted in infinite diseases while many have the best cure, while a few still don’t have a remedy.

Of all the health issues, the most common problem with everyone nowadays is hair loss. It is more frequent with youngsters and can be seen both in males and females.

Everyone desires to have wavy, thick, and long hair. But for many of them, it is just a never-ending dream. Yet, Kerala ayurvedic center based in Dubai has a solution for everyone’s problem and can help regrow one’s hair.

Hair Loss and Balding:

These are the major concerns these days because hair loss and balding occur in all age groups, even to those who are in their early 20s. There are many causes of hair loss and balding. A few are as follows.

  1. Lifestyle changes.
  2. Lack of nutrition.
  3. Hormonal changes.
  4. Stress and depression.
  5. Intake of more medicines.

It is really difficult to treat hair loss or balding at its early stage because knowing the cause might take some time.

Diagnosing hair loss:

Diagnosing hair loss can be a little different because not all patients have the same cause for hair loss. The Kerala Ayurvedic center has a couple of doctors who have several years of experience in diagnosing and treating hair loss.

  1. After a deep analysis and a one-on-one consultation, the doctors will conclude the patient’s medical history.
  2. Then, the doctor will study the scalp condition, the thickness of the hair, and the severity of hair loss.
  3. The patient’s blood samples will be collected and tested to know about nutrition and hormone changes.

On studying the detailed report, the doctor will advise a treatment plan for the patient according to his/her health condition.

Treatment options available in Kerala ayurvedic center:

If the hair loss is due to nutritional deficiency or hormone changes, the doctors from Kerala ayurvedic center will give a dietary plan to the patients accordingly to increase the nutrition and stabilize the hormone in the patient’s body.

If the hair loss and balding are at an early stage, external use of traditional and medicinal sprays, oils, or conditioners will be recommended by the doctor.

There are some oral medications available to treat hair loss if the hair loss is caused due to vitamin deficiency.

Shiro Abhyanga: It is a solution, a kind of herbal oil, that can be applied directly to the scalp for hair regrowth. It is more like a massage to the head and when applied on a regular basis, a few hairs which had shrunken before will regain strength and start popping up.

Nasya: This is the traditional ayurvedic nasal treatment. Warm herbal oil will be applied to the nasal cavity along with the massage for the neck, shoulder, and head which is termed ‘organic aromatherapy’. This will also help in curing sinus problems.

Apart from this, there are so many treatments to treat hair loss. For patients who have permanent hair loss, the Kerala ayurvedic center in Dubai has plenty of solutions like Shiro lepa, Shiropichu, Shirodhara, and many more Panchakarma actions.

Shiro lepa: This is one form of Panchakarma therapy that is used in the treatment of diseases regarding the scalp. A few mixers of herbal paste and medicinal powders will be applied to the scalp and the head will be covered and tied with certain ayurvedic leaves. The herbs will interact with the follicles in the scalp and might strengthen the damaged and shrunken follicles. It also promotes healthy hair growth.

This treats not only hair loss but also several other problems as follows.

  1. Migraines.
  2. Insomnia.
  3. Hypertension.
  4. Dry vision syndrome.

Shiropichu: This treatment is again the usage of herbal and medicinal oils that will be applied to the head but not as a paste, but as liquids using cotton pads. After applying the oil all over the head, it will be covered and the patient will be asked to rest for three to four hours.

People with weak nerves should go for this therapy on a daily basis, maybe twice a day if possible.

Shirodhara: It is another form of Panchakarma treatment that again deals with a massage. Herbal oil will be poured on the forehead and the massage will be done starting from the neck to head. This treatment increases the blood circulation in the head and so stimulates hair growth.

Why choose Kerala ayurvedic center in Dubai:

  1. We provide a safe, non-surgical, and effective Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss.
  2. We use 100% naturally derived medicines and the traditional method to stimulate hair growth.
  3. We have a highly-experienced and expert team of dermatologists who have the best plans to treat different kinds of hair loss.
  4. We can assure you of zero percent side-effects because of our treatment as the oils and herbs we use are purely organic and medicinal.


A few feedbacks:

  1. An awesome and friendly doctor who has a smiling face all the time. The doctor listens to us patiently before recommending the best possible solution for hair loss. I will recommend the Kerala Ayurvedic center to anyone for sure.
  2. The doctor spends more time with me and has a unique way of answering my questions. My experience there in the Ayurvedic center each time was fun and enjoyable. I didn’t feel like I was in a hospital for treatment, because the environment in the ayurvedic center was lovely and breath-taking.
  3. I met a doctor in the Kerala Ayurvedic center a year ago with severe hair loss, but now, I am extremely happy with my new thick and curly hair. I love the way the doctor treated me and her way of explaining things patiently.

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