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Managing Stress With Ayurveda

Is stress having a greater impact on your life than you'd like? That question has a resounding
YES for the majority of us!
We now know that too much stress can be highly dangerous and can affect our physical,
mental, and emotional health. Stress is a fairly ubiquitous aspect of modern human
Ayurveda gives a lovely viewpoint on stress management, but in order to properly grasp it,
start by looking into the possible repercussions of excessive stress and create a contextual
understanding of the human stress reaction.
The cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the neurological system, the
reproductive system, and the immune system can all suffer when we are under excessive
stress, as can the digestive system, metabolic function (including body weight imbalances),
and the musculoskeletal system.

Additionally, excessive stress can affect our relationships, mental and emotional well-being,
and bone health (and related tissues such as the teeth, hair, and nails). Even though stress
plays a role in a number of illnesses, its impact is often neglected because it wears us down
on a systemic level
The basic message is that there is a significant likelihood that making some supporting
adjustments could be advantageous.

 Feeling unable to cope, unable to concentrate, powerless, dejected, and exhausted
frequently impatient and enraged, unable to control your anger.
 Overeating, undereating, and eating irregularly
 Have difficulties falling asleep, don't get enough sleep, or sleep a lot but still feel
 Excessive smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, coffee, or drugs
 Experience backaches, stomach-aches, and headaches frequently.
 Reduce the amount of exercise you do.
 Suffer from allergies, colds, and coughs.

Abhyanga is also known as the Ayurvedic Oil Massage. In this process, a massage with
herbal oil tailored to a person's dosage condition refreshes, lightens, and strengthens the skin
while providing the tissues with nourishing nourishment. It makes the body, including the
limbs, strong and robust, gives both the body's dhatus (tissues) energy, and enhances
circulation, which calms the doshas.

Shirodhara is the practise of repeatedly pouring therapeutic oil or Kashaya over the head
while giving it a very gentle massage. Under the direction of our expert Ayurvedic doctor,
therapeutic oils are poured and kept on the head for a set amount of time using an extended

Shiroabhyanga concentrate on the shoulders, back, face, and head because these areas are
the most vulnerable to stress and tension. High levels of alertness and attentiveness are
prompted by the treatment of the head, which also fosters a sense of relaxation, harmony, and
calm. During the Naturopathic Head Massage, ayurvedic oil will be left on a person's scalp
for an appropriate amount of time.

In addition to these external therapies, there are some herbs that can help relax the mind and
body and relieve stress :

Brahmi has been healthy. The stress hormone, radiation exposures, are thought to have
decreased. This herb balances the effects of trauma by altering the hormones linked to the
stress response. It strengthens the ability to concentrate even more while reviving brain cells
and soothing the nervous system.

Bhringaraj tea helps to remove dead skin cells and invigorate the brain by continuously
supplying them with oxygen and through blood circulation. The calming benefits of the tea
will relax the body and mind.

Jatamasi or Spikenard has anti-stress and anti-fatigue properties. The roots of Jatamasi are
also the principal medicinal plant extracts that offer therapeutic potential for your sad mind.
These roots maintain a sense of homeostasis that promotes healthy brain function and keep
our body and brain clear of pollutants and obstructions.

Ashwagandha contains a combination of helpful amino acids that works as an enzyme
inhibitor to boost energy, stamina, and endurance while enabling the body to respond to
stressful situations. Additionally, it promotes restorative sleep and controls the body's
resources, aiding in the treatment of insomnia.

Vacha different mental diseases can be calmed by this herb's healing root. With its calming
effects, you can get a better night's sleep and calm an anxious mind. It is also known that
memory capacity can increase and improve.

Maintaining routine and regularity in our daily patterns, especially when it comes to eating
and sleeping habits, is the single most crucial aspect of vata balancing. Avoid screen and
industrial lights, as well as everything that stimulates or aggravates the mind and body, for 60
to 90 minutes before going to bed. Of course, this is not a comprehensive programme for
stress management, but can strive to implement as much of the aforementioned. Consulting
with our expert doctors to identify the underlying causes of the imbalances so that you can
benefit from a customised wellness plan in the long run. Book your appointment now at
KERALA AYURVEDA CENTRE DUBAI and destress your body, mind and soul.

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