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Kerala Massage And Its Benefits

Kerala Massage And Its Benefits


Kerala is addressed as the land of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a significant process of treatment In India and the world. Kerala ayurvedic massage is not a conventional massage but a holistic therapy for overall good health. As per the reviews, this massage experience causes much relaxation and makes you feel energized round the clock. Kerala ayurvedic message, if done daily is known to improve the sleep cycle and keeps the body toxin-free and aloof from illness. This massage gives you glowing skin, strong and toned muscles. It has a vast range of benefits to offer. Let’s discuss.

How does it happen?

Ayurveda can rejuvenate the inner you. Kerala ayurvedic massage is a masterpiece therapy of the mentioned state where herbal medicated oils are used. It takes 30 to 45 minutes for a complete synchronized massage session by the therapists. Based on a person’s age and health condition, the strokes and pressure points vary. It involves a 7 position therapy to treat your body both physically and mentally for a good balance within.The experts do it in a rhythmic motion and help to relieve muscle stiffness & joints. This stimulating treatment improves blood circulation, eliminates toxicity and metabolic wastes. Which further cures emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, arthritis, backaches, injury pains. After the massage session, the body gets another steam and heat treatment. The hot steam helps the medicated oils go deep into the body. So that it can nourish you from within. One who takes the massage lies down on a wooden table. Ayurvedic physicians massage with their experienced hands.

Who can have the Kerala Ayurvedic Massage?

Though there is no restriction on taking the massage. It is mostly performed among the age group of 18-60 years. Kerala ayurvedic massage is ideal for those whose doshas are currently out of balance. Vikriti & Prakriti test is done to know the condition of the constitution of an individual. Women during their menstrual cycle, during their pregnancy, are not fit for message taking. People suffering from flu, fever, infections, people with indigestion and gastric disorders, people with serious skin issues, and those with a persistent medical history are not fit for the massage.

Benefits of Kerala Ayurvedic massage

  1. Ayurveda is much about achieving the proper balance in the body. Choosing the right oil for massage is essential. While selecting so, one should keep 3 ayurvedic doshas into account- Vata, pitta, Kapha. These doshas impact various aspects of your life. It includes- Vikriti, Prakriti, seasons. Vikriti is the current level of balance in your body. If any of the doshas is high in your body, Choosing a massage oil to particularly pacify it is important. Prakriti is one’s overall condition of the body from Ayurveda’s perception. The doshas and the seasons are strongly linked. Pitta doshas appear mostly in summer. Early winter is the Vata season and late winter or spring is the season of Kapha.
  2. Abhyanga is ancient massage therapy. It is believed to increase blood circulation and white blood cells. Which further contributes to a better immune system. A body with better immunity fights hard against viral and bacterial infections. This massage also targets the human lymphatic system. Massaging the marma points benefits their location and functional improvement of connecting organs. Massaging strokes mobilize stubborn fat. So weight loss is a complimentary benefit of Kerala ayurvedic massage.
  3. We all love to look young. The age lines, wrinkles can be controlled with a proper session of Kerala ayurvedic massage in the most natural way. The moves and motion of this massage are designed in such ways that it freshens and smoothens your face muscles. This gives a similar result to a botox injection but without any side effects.
  4. Kerala ayurvedic massage is a strong recommendation for your mind, body, spirit relaxation. If you are feeling lethargic shortly, it’s time to get a Kerala ayurvedic massage session. The sensation involves in it emulates a warm embrace feeling. It replaces anxiety and mental stress with contentment and peace. Ayurveda stimulates the inherent link between Sneha (love) and therapy. So Kerala ayurvedic massage is fondly done with utmost care. So the gentle touch goes deep through the smallest channels of seven tissue layers of your body.
  5. The benefits of Kerala ayurvedic massage are seen in improving the nervous system. If you find it difficult to sleep in peace, insomnia has become common in your daily routine, you are in need of therapy. With an improved nervous system your sleep pattern also improved. An uninterrupted peaceful sleep contributes to the solution of many health issues further.
  6. Extra body fat can be controlled to some extent through Kerala ayurvedic massage. The effect of the whole ayurvedic remedy is so good that it helps in many ways. With the detoxification of your internal organ, the goodness of head massage radiates outer appearance.

The Benefits of Ayurvedic Head Massage And More About It

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