Beat The Summer Heat by Ayurvedic lifestyle

Introduction Ayurveda, the age old science of life, emphasizes that one must engage in maintenance of good health and prevention of diseases by following proper diet & lifestyle regimen rather than be inflicted with disease and engaging in its cure. These aspects are elaborated in Ayurvedic Classics, while explaining the importance of Dinacharya (daily regimen) […]

What is Paralysis ? Paralysis Treatment With Ayurveda in Dubai.

Paralysis is the complete loss of muscle function in an affected limb or muscle group. WHAT HAPPENS? The chain of nerve cells that runs from the brain through the spinal cord out to the muscle is called the motor pathway. Normal muscle function requires intact connections all along this motor pathway. Damage at any point […]

Shirodhara Ultimate Tranquility

Shirodhara is an amazing, unique body therapy from the ancient natural medical system Ayurveda. Shirodhara has a profound impact on the nervous system. That means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves. Shirodhara is the ultimate relaxation therapy everyone should enjoy. Not only does it […]

What to expect on your first Ayurvedic consultation?

Have you scheduled your first Ayurvedic consultation? Or are considering making an appointment? Let’s face it, you might not know anybody who has had an Ayurvedic consultation before to discuss what one is exactly like. So if you feel apprehensive about your first Ayurvedic consultation, then you are not alone. Many people feel the same […]

Heal your Back with Ayurveda

Blog written by Dr Fathima Mohammed (Medical Director) Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at Kerala Ayurvedic Centre Dubai. Lower back pain(lumbago) is the common problem which affects our daily activities. Pain in the lower back restricts activity and reduces work capacity and quality of enjoyment of everyday living and turns daily life into a misery. Surveys indicate […]

Migraine Treatment in Ayurveda

Migraine is a neurological condition characterized by recurrent head aches which is felt as a throbbing pain,numbness or a pulsating sensation usually in just one side of the head.Associated symptoms are nausea,vomiting and extreme sensitivity towards light,sound,smell etc.Migraine usually runs in families and women are more affected than men. According to Ayurveda the signs and […]

How To Prevent And Cure The Diseases In Summer With Ayurveda

Ayurveda,the science of life has always emphasized to maintain the health and prevent the diseases by following  proper diets and life style regimen rather than treatment and cure of the diseases.For this purpose the Dinacharya(daily regimen) and ritucharya(seasonal regimen) have been mentioned in the classics of Ayurveda. With the change in season,the change is very evident in […]